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US 1    
Fight For Your Life  (Boatman)
I Surrender  (Russ Ballard)    (Play mp3 segment below left)
Susan  (Huston / Boyd)
You'll Be The One Now  (Ken Hampton)
Love Me Now  (Harwood / R. Boyd / Odum / D. Boyd / Brown)
Out Of The Blue  (Huston / Odum)
Babie Ruth  (Jesse Henderson)
Sister Sister  (Gross)
Look To The Sky  (Huston)    (Play mp3 segment below right)


Released: 1980 - A&M Records
Chart: #137 (Billboard's Pop Album Chart)
Formats: LP, 8-Track, Cassette
Digital Download available at

* US 1 is out of print in LP, 8-track, & Cassette. Copies are usually found online on Ebay or retail music sites selling new & used records. Not issued in CD format.

  Roger Boyd - Keyboards & Vocals
Steve Huston - Drums, Percussion, & Vocals
Mark Boatman - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Tony Gross Jr. - Guitar & Vocals
Dan Odum - Percussion & Vocals

Special Guest Appearances - David Darling, Richard Brooks, Jimmy Odgren,
Ken Krueger, Chris "Harley" Harwood, Long View Choir (John, Jemima, & Jesse),
Jesse Henderson, Dede Townsend, and Floyd Browne.
New members Tony Gross (guitar), Mark Boatman (Bass), and Dan Odum (lead vocals) join founding members Roger Boyd and Steve Huston on "US 1". Odum had previously been a band member back in the early 70s when he played drums and sang for Head East until he was drafted into the Army. The album was recorded at Long View Farm in North Brookfield, MA where the following year the Rolling Stones would rehearse for their upcoming tour in support of the "Tattoo You" album. "US 1" has never been issued in CD format. However, former Long View Farm owner Gil Markle has made the songs from this album downloadable in the media library of his website. A music video for "You'll Be the One" can be viewed in the media libary and on YouTube. Download InstructionsTo download songs from you must first sign up for an account on their Media Library page (linked above under the album cover art). Once your account has been activated you need to sign in to the Media Library and enter the words Head East in the search box to bring up the downloadable songs from "US 1". The files are for your personal use only and may not be duplicated. The files can be played on site or can be downloaded to your computer and are compatible with any player that can handle MPEG-4 (iPod) files. Download each song by selecting the song in the list and then clicking the download arrow. Be sure to choose your download location in the "Save As" dialog box that pops up before savings to your computer.