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When I Get Ready  (Huston)
Separate Ways  (M. Somerville / S. Somerville)
This Woman's In Love  (Huston)
I Don't Want The Chance  (Somerville)
Sailor  (Birney)
Monkey Shine  (Birney)    (Play mp3 segment below left)
Jailer  (Boyd)
Love My Blues Away  (Somerville)
The Victim  (Somerville)
Trouble  (Huston)    (Play mp3 segment below right)


Released: 1976 - A&M Records
Chart: #161 (Billboard's Pop Album Chart)
Formats: LP, 8-Track, Cassette

* Get Yourself Up is out of print. Occasionally copies are available online through Ebay or retail music sites selling new & used records. Not issued in CD format.

  Roger Boyd - Keyboards & Vocals
Steve Huston - Drums, Percussion, & Vocals
Dan Birney - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Mike Somerville - Guitar & Vocals
John Schlitt - Vocals
Like "Flat As A Pancake", Head East's sophomore effort "Get Yourself Up" was recorded at Golden Voice Recording Studios in South Pekin, Illinois. Other Illinois based acts including Dan Fogelberg, Styx, Starcastle, and REO Speedwagon recorded albums or demos there or simply booked the reasonably priced studio as a preferred location to work on new material. Though the album produced no hit singles, it remains a favorite of many Head East fans. It has something for everyone from upbeat songs like "Monkey Shine" and "Trouble", to epic anthems like "The Victim", and the softer acoustic sound of "Sailor". The album sleeve for this release has the song lyrics printed on one side and a photo montage of the band members on the other side.