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I met someone who claims to be a former member of Head East. Do you have a list of former members?

Answer:  Current and former members are mentioned in the band history page of the website. Only full time band members are mentioned in the band history. During the band's 43 year career a few musicians have filled in and performed with Head East for one or more performances, and numerous people have worked for the band in crewmember or staff related roles. These musicians, crewmembers, and staff are not mentioned in the band history.

The Head East website receives numerous emails from fans who have met someone not mentioned in the band history, who claim to be a former full time band member of Head East. If you encounter someone making this claim, check the band history to verify their story. Providing names of "fill in" musicians, crewmembers, and staff or verifying that someone acted in one of these capacities is not possible in most cases due to the large number of personnel who have performed in these roles and the lack of records dating back to the band's origin.

Who is the female singer heard sharing the lead vocals on Never Been Any Reason?

Answer:  Though Head East had a few female vocalists in the early 70s, all had left the band by the time Never Been Any Reason was recorded in 1974. And no female vocalists were brought in to sing on this song or any of the other songs on the Flat As A Pancake album. The two lead voices that share lines back and forth during the song are drummer Steve Huston and lead vocalist John Schlitt. John's is the higher voice that is occasionally mistaken by fans to be a female voice.


Why doesn't Head East play at the venues and events in my area?

Answer:  Head East selectively chooses about 30 to 40 concerts to play each year from the numerous requests submitted to their booking agency by venues and events all over the country. If Head East has not come to your area, either the venues and events in your area have not requested Head East or Head East was not able to honor the request due to other obligations or for logistical reasons.

Does the band have any concerts scheduled for my area in the upcoming months?

Answer:  All concerts are posted to the tour dates pages once the contracts have been signed and deposits have been paid by the event or venue contracting the band. If you do not see concerts listed for your area then Head East is not currently scheduled to play your area, or the request for the band is still pending. Our website does not post or release information on pending appearances. New concerts are added continually throughout the year so check the tour dates page regularly for updates to the Head East tour schedule.

Can you tell me if Head East has ever played at the venues in my area?

Answer:  Sorry, but the band has not maintained records of the thousands of shows that they have performed over the past 43 years. The website often receives emails asking if the band played a certain venue on a certain date. However, we are usually unable to answer these kinds of questions.

I'm going to a Head East concert soon. Do the band members meet and talk with the fans after the show?

Answer:  Yes, the band members normally meet with the fans at their merchandise table after each show. This gives the fans an opportunity to talk with the band members and to get band member autographs.


What merchandise do you sell through the website?

Answer:  The Head East website does not sell official band merchandise. Official Head East merchandise is only available at live shows.

What merchandise does the band sell at their live shows?

Answer:  Merchandise usually available at shows include T-shirts, posters, band photos, and CDs.

I'm looking for old out of print merchandise items and albums. Does the band still have these items available for sale, and if so, how do I purchase them?

Answer:  No, the band does not have old albums or merchandise items. The best place to look for these items is online through auction sites, music memorabilia sites, and sites run by new and used record dealers. Record shows, yard sales, and flea markets can also be good sources for finding these hard to locate items.

I'd like to have a autographed band photo. Can you send me one for free? And if i send you an album or a photo, can you get it signed for me?

Answer:  Sorry, but at this time the band does not send out free photos to fans (with or without autographs). And we can not honor requests to sign items mailed in by fans. The band provides autographs free of charge after their shows. They will sign an item that you bring to the concert (ie - an album or photo), or one that you purchase through their merchandise table.


I can't find any Head East CDs in my local record store, where can I buy Head East CD's?

Answer:  Head East CDs can usually be found at most major music store chains like Best Buy or FYE, and at department stores like Walmart, Target, and K-mart. Most stores will order Head East CDs for you if they do not have what you are looking for on the shelf. Or you can order them yourself through the store's online website.

Head East CDs are also available through online music retailers like CD Universe and Amazon.com or through the Gemm Music site (www.gemm.com) or Ebay (www.ebay.com) who are both good sources for finding new and used Head East releases (to include those that are out of print) in several formats (45 rpm, LP, 8-track, cassette, and CD).

Have all of the Head East releases been issued in CD format?

Answer:  Unfortunately, some of Head East's releases have not been issued in CD format. Universal Music Group (UMG) owns the rights to the Head East recordings issued on the A&M record label and UMG determines which of these recordings are issued in CD format. The following are authorized releases in CD format:

Flat as a Pancake, Gettin' Lucky / Head East self-titled (2 albums on one CD issued by UMG subsidiary Hip-O Select), Head East Live (Issued as an import CD by Rock Candy Records), A Different Kind of Crazy (issued as an import CD by both Polygram International and Yesterrock Records), Choice of Weapons (issued by Dark Heart Records), Concert Classics Vol. 7 / Alive In America (issued by Renaissance Records), Live on Stage, The Best of Head East - The Millennium Collection, Head East Live 2008 (self-produced CD issued by Head East), One Night with Head East (distributed by MDI Distribution), and Raise A Little Hell (issued by MRI Associated and distributed by Sony Red).

The Polygram International version of A Different Kind of Crazy and Dark Heart Record's Choice of Weapons are out of print but new and used copies may be found on some of the websites mentioned above. Concert Classics Vol. 7 and Head East Alive In America have the same recordings but have different cover art and liner notes.

Get Yourself Up, US 1, and Onward and Upward have not been authorized for release in CD format by Head East or any of their record labels. Any CDs of these releases that you may find are not authorized and have been produced without the consent of the band or their record label.
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