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Never Been Any Reason  (Somerville)    (Play mp3 segment below left)
One Against The Other  (Schlitt)
Love Me Tonight  (Somerville)    (Play mp3 segment below right)
City Of Gold  (Huston)
Fly By Night Lady  (Huston)
Jefftown Creek  (Huston)
Lovin' Me Along  (Somerville)
Ticket Back To Georgia  (Huston)
Brother Jacob  (Huston)

Released: 1975 - A&M Records
Chart: #126 (Billboard's Pop Album Chart)
Formats: LP, 8-Track, Cassette, CD, Download

  Roger Boyd - Piano, Organ, Moog, Mellotron, & Vocals
Steve Huston - Drums, Percussion, & Vocals
Dan Birney - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Mike Somerville - Guitar & Vocals
John Schlitt - Vocals
The A&M Records version of "Flat As A Pancake" contains the same songs as the Pyramid Records version released earlier in 1975, but the album sides have been reversed. It also has different front and back cover art than the Pyramid release. The photo on the back side of the album which shows the band seated at a diner eating pancakes was taken at the Rite-Way Diner in Olivette, Missouri. The diner has changed names and owners a few times over the years, but is still in business at 9638 Olive Blvd, Olivette, Missouri. The diner is currently called the Olivette Diner. The album contains a couple of Head East's highest charting songs including "Love Me Tonight" and "Never Been Any Reason" which has become the band's signature song and a staple of classic rock radio across the nation.